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Bail Continuing Education

Bail agent continuing education may now be completed by correspondence (self-study), online or classroom. Bail licenses must complete not less than 12 hours of continuing education before license renewal.

EXAMPLE: Bail agent Smith has taken a 6 hour course in 2017. Before he can renew his license in June 2019, he must take another 6 hours of CE for a total of 12 hours prior to license renewal. Bail agents no longer need to perform CE annually, although it is recommended by the State. Instead, Agents can choose to take CE annually or simply complete 12 CE hours at one time prior to renewal. Classroom and online CE must be monitored and the agent must be engaged in the course material and process.

Self-study courses require the student to review the course and pass an open book exam (70% or more of your answers must be correct). Since 1993, this approach has been proven to work better for tens of thousands Affordable Educators students…far cheaper than classroom courses and way easier!

License Renewal for EXISTING Bail Licenses Issued BEFORE 1/1/2011

Bail licenses are now issued for a full two-year term. You must renew your license on or before June 30 of each odd-numbered year. EXAMPLE: If your bail license was issued on April, 2017 you must renew your license on or before June 30, 2019 and every two years thereafter. You can only renew your license if you are within 90 days of it’s expiration date.

License Renewal for NEW Bail Licenses Issued AFTER 1/1/2011

New bail licenses issued after 1/1/11 run for a full two-year term. Unlike older bail licenses, however, you must renew your license every two years in the month your license was issued. You can only renew your license if you are within 90 days of it’s expiration date.

Renewal Fees and How to Renew California Bail Licenses

You should receive a renewal application from DOI by email. If you do not receive a renewal notice within 90 days of your expiration RENEW YOUR LICENSE WITH SIRCON HERE...All bail license renewals must now be paid online. DOI no longer allows you to mail your license fees.




If you have questions, you can call the Bail Division of the DOI at (916) 492-3035.


There are two steps to renew your bail agent license:

1.) Pay the renewal fees

2.) Complete your continuing education hours (see above)

Renew online prior to your renewal date.  In addition to your license renewal fee you must pay a fee for each surety you are appointed with (currently $188 per surety company.) EXAMPLE: If you are appointed with two surety companies, your license fee will be $188 x 2 surety companies = $376. This is just an estimate, please check with DOI/Sircon for the fees you will pay.

It is highly recommended that your renewal application and fees be submitted early to avoid delays (you can submit the form and fees prior to completing your CE). If  you fail to renew or complete required CE on or before your renewal date your bail license will expire. THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD. To reinstate your license you will need to complete the required CE and application AND pay a huge penalty (as much as double). You will also need to file a new Action Notice (surety appointments) and possibly a new Bond.

If you do not reinstate your license within one year you will have to apply for a new bail license and take the 20-hour pre-license course. I.E.: You must start over.


(800) 498-5100

Or California Department of Insurance Bail Division

(916) 492-3035